Top 10 Reasons to Choose Our Studio!

We offer classes for students age 2 to 18 in Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Lyrical, Hip Hop and more for students of every level!  All of our classes perform at community performances several times throughout the year.

Top 10 Reasons To Choose Our Studio!

  1.  Classes for Every Age - We offer classes starting at 2 years old in Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Lyrical, Hip Hop and more.  We have classes for students of every age, skill level and commitment level.
  2. Enjoyable instruction - Our classes are FUN! We provide excellent dance instruction while learning in a fun, nurturing environment! We teach proper technique with proper dance terminology.
  3. Limited Class Size - All of our classes have a limited class size for quality and individual attention. We limit the size of each class depending on the age of the students.  Our 2 yr old class is limited to 8 students per class and our older students to 16 per class.
  4. Convenient Scheduling - We offer several class options for every age to accommodate your family's busy lifestyle.  We also offer sibling discounts on tuition! 
  5. Strong Ballet Technique - Ballet is the foundation for all styles of dance. Ballet will help each student develop the discipline, focus and structure to be successful in their dance careers and their day-to-day life. With strong ballet technique, it is easier to transition between all of styles of dance.  Pointe work is never offered to students who take less than 3 hours of ballet per week and dancers are assessed for Pointe readiness.
  6. Highly Trained Instructors - Our teachers are professional, qualified and experienced instructors.  All of our instructors have progressed through advanced dance classes in the professional and competition dance environments. Most of our instructors danced in college and have advanced degrees. They also continue their education in dance by attending workshops and classes throughout the year.
  7. Large Studio - Our studio is clean, bright and offers an excellent learning atmosphere. We also offer Parent Observation the last week of each month in every class.  You can come to the last 10 minutes of your child’s class and see what they have been working on!
  8. Age appropriate costumes, dances, and music! We want little girls and boys to look and act like little girls and boys and our older students to be comfortable in their costumes and dances.  All of our routines are tasteful, family friendly and enjoyable for all ages!
  9. Performance Opportunities – All of our classes perform several times throughout the year at community performances!
  10. Annual Recital – Our annual recital is held in June at the state-of-the-art theater the MetroCenter at Fielder Road Baptist Church in Arlington.  Our recital is open to everyone and admission is free!   Invite all your family members and enjoy the show!
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